Monday 4th July 2016

Another lazy day……

Got a call from John Lewis at 07:30 to say that they would be delivering a new mattress and tumble dryer to my mum and dads house in half an hour…….

Mum and Dad live 40 miles away……

Jumped in the trusty Freelander and hammered up to Camberley, never once exceeding 70 mph…….m’lud…

Got there just in time to completely miss them…..

Installed the tumble dryer and pulled out the old dishwasher which is destined for the dump. Put all the new pillows and sheets etc. on the bed and made sure that the electric blanket was installed. Told mum and dad that we were going to take them to ‘Trilakes’ in Sandhurst tomorrow and that we would be up at 14:00 to collect them.

Popped in to see my sister in Frimley on the way back. Mavelled over the pond in the front garden that they had cleaned out  and restocked with fish. Looks really good.

Drove back home via Mercedes in Basingstoke. Picked up a new brake switch foir Cris and Andrea’s Smart Car. Going to have to fit this on Wednesday. Got back home in time to wach the tour de France and have some lunch.

Packed up two bracelets that Debs has made for some friends in France.

Made a top for the fish tank filter chambers. Cleaned out some more gunk from the pond and filled the centre pond with water. Hopefully this will be at the same level tomorrow so that will show that I dont have a leak from there. Hopefully then I can reinstall the main filtration system. Cleaned out the temporary pump (again) and set it to work.

Had tea, Very nice home made curry and wholegrain rice thingy.



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