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The Blog

A weekly update of various doings and stuff what has occurred. Sometimes nothing may have happened or have been just too incredible to put down on a mere website.

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The Build

This is just a running commentary of the site build and the various revisions done.

It ain’t going to be a rivetting read…..

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The Bike of the day

This will take you to the ‘bike of the day’ page. This will be specially picked in a random way by the ‘head of bikes’ at In the interests of good taste, the Honda CX500 is unlikely to appear…..

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The Book

I may write a short book if I can think of a suitable starting point, something resembling a middle and a way to finish it off…..

About me

Nothing is impossible when you have the ability to delegate........
'I can do anything except chemistry...'

Trained as a truck mechanic, left that to become a despatch rider, drove a van, drove a truck, drove a very big truck, drove a very big truck with a crane on it. Someone found out I could read or write so they stuck me in the transport office, consigned goods to Ireland, became dangerous goods safety advisor, implemented Quality, Safety, Health and Environmenal systems, then jumped ship and went to work in a very different place.

Bought a house, did it up, made some money, bought another house, made some more money, bought a third house, did it up and stayed put.

Started up own company importing car parts from Russia, ran this for several years, made some money, sold business as a going concern, made some more money......

  • If it ain't got a V8 in it, I don't want to know....

  • Have workshop, will travel......

  • Electrics, Gas, Tiling, Carpentry... bring it on!

  • I serve a mean brew.....

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neil chowney

Site Owner
Site owner, main scribe, content feature writer, photographer, beard grower, DIY god, workshop guru, ace mechanic, truck driver, tea boy and head of puddings……..

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