Which part of “don’t press this button” was unclear?



Right never mind that, after years of leaving the old Chowney.com website lurking around on the internet causing untold mischief, waiting for someone to come up with a more user friendly alternative to Microsoft FrontPage, i’ve finally discovered WordPress.

Yes I know its been around for a while but no one told me and there wasn’t a responsible adult around at the time so I wouldn’t have been able to use it in any case.

It’s still not quite as easy to use as some MS type packages but at least it’s reasonably logical with good online support and some well written books to get you through the tricky bits.

Well, when I say ‘through’ what I really mean is ‘dump you right in the middle of some crucial task’ and then get all random and imprecise about what to do next.

The above notwithstanding, this is actually quite a simple blog-esque site. I’ve just completed a much more complex one using the same formats with online databases and purchasing for the wife’s online business www.chowneysofwhitchurch.com (if you feel a burning desire to purchase a handbag or two).

I did, and by god I feel better for it!

That’s the opening mission statement, lets see where we go from here.