What an utter shed of a car. For some reason I bought this from a garage on the Lynchford road in Farnborough for about 2k after selling my 1100 Goldwing (see bikes). I still don’t know why I did this but I think I got a taste of ‘luxury motoring’ when my boss told me to go and get his 500 SEC Mercedes washed which was a round trip of around 10 miles. For some reason a brand new 5 litre V8 Mercedes Benz made me want to get something very silly with four wheels. This wretched underpowered excuse for a car did around 16 to the gallon on a good day. A good day was when it wasn’t overheating . Very nice to drive apart from the space shuttle like economy. It had brown velour interior and dark blue paint. Looked OK, drove OK but for a 2.8 V6 was pretty slow.

Five of us went from England to Gibraltar in this, not via a sensible route like Plymouth to Santander and then around a 500 mile drive, no we did Dover to Calais and then drove the last little bit. All 2300 miles of it. I can’t remember what the fuel bill was but when we worked it out it would have been more economical to charter a lear jet…..

Finally sold it when I gave up with the overheating issues. My mate said he saw it a bit later with the new owner creeping around appearing to be staring intently at the temperature gauge…….

Library picture until I can find one in the archives.

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