I got this as a secondhand company car in 1988 when I worked for Hollis Transport. It was red, had an 1800 diesel (non turbo) in it and had ‘Hollis Transport Ltd’ signwritten on the back of it. Not a bad car at all. Bit slow, did around 55 mpg and was quite nice to drive. I bought this off the company when they offered me some money to lose the company car. They were trying to sell all the assets as they were in the process of sellig the company to Kuehne & Nagel Ltd. Can’t clame them fore that. They were very open about it and did a damn fair deal. Soon as I got it I polished the signwriting off the back. I think the worst thing about this, apart from being front wheel drive, which is vile, was the cable clutch. It just had that habit of being a bit jerky in operation. OK for the odd grand Prix start but not too great when you driving style is based areound a smooth and gradual take off. The Registration was E514 GCF. I part exchnaged this for a really nice Rover 218 SLD at the Rover garage in Maidenhead. Think I got around £800 for it. On checking the DVLA website, it appears to have been scrapped around 2001.

No pictures so here’s one off the internet.

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