March 11, 2019

Rover 218 SLD

I really liked this car. Bought it from the Rover dealer in Maindenhead in around 1985. I bought it ‘blind’, gave them the spec and the parameters such as max milage etc and the colour, they then got one sent down for me to look at and buy. It was a metallic dark grey colour, about 9k on the clock and had a Honda derived 1.8 turbo Diesel engine. It also had electric windows, vertical drivers seat adjustment (I don’t like sitting low in a car) and fake wood dash. Rev counter solid controls and very comfy ride. I got one of these because the sales rep at work had one and I borrowed it a couple of times. Thought it was just the job. Never let me down, didn’t rust and I think the only thing that I had to do on it was to change the clutch cable twice (5 minute job with no tools needed) and change the cambelt. I use to commute from Basingstoke to Oxford and then Basingstoke to Birmingham every day. Did around 55 mpg but was a lot quicker and less stressed that the Peugeot I sold to buy it. I put in a very good Alpine four channel stereo, four channel amplifier and speakers. Superb sound.

I sold this around 1995 to fund the purchase of a new bike and a Jaguar XJ6 3.2. As of 25/03/19 DVLA have no record of it so I assume that it had been scrapped at some point after I sold it.

Library picture to be going on with.

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