Week 5 January 2020

Well that resolution last year to put a post up every week lasted about three months……

The book never got started and the bike of the week never materialised.

So lets see if we can improve things going into 2020. (i’ll give it a month….)

Got back to work after about a month off. My boss went mad back in Feb last year and got carted off, been on my own ever since, not that anyone cares, and all my holiday backed up at the end of the year. Carried two weeks over which now seems years ago. (Well last year anyway).

Spent a very nice week in Lanzarote. Really pleasant. Very quiet, very warm. Spent a lot of time in the hotel gym and in the spirit of the thing went vegeterian for the week. Almost anyway, I had a brain fart on the Wednesday when I forgot where pâté came from…… still never mind the thought was there. See holiday pages under 2020 for more details.

In other news… bought a new car. A very shiny and very new-ish Land Rover Discovery Sport. Set myself a firm budget when I walked into the dealers and promptly busted it by another 75% when he let me test drive a top of the range Disco Sport. Bastard, I hate it when salemen use underhand tactics on their customers.

Sold the old Freelander to Paul who loves it. Had it back in the garage to do some service work on it including the timing belt water pump and serpentine belt. Pauls done some cosmetic works as well including some stone chips and replacing the steering wheel cover. Looks really good.

The garage project is now nearly complete. Compressor is back in as is the bench and the parts washer. Should be able to get most of it finished at the weekend. Full details in the gagage section.

Debs got an overlocker for Christmas so i’m looking forward to a new range of funky waistcoats off the production line…. she’s also doing pattern classes on a Thursday so that also added to the repotoire.

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