Week 18 2019


Back to work. Not too bad a week at the pointy end.


Left work early, went to collect the car from Keith Gotts in Alton. Only just got there before they shut, awful traffic. They are adamant that the EGR valve has failed. I’m not convinced, it’s been changed for a new one not two weeks ago and that made no difference at all to the running of the thing. However there’s nowhere else to go so I’ve bought one off Gotts. I’ll fit this Friday on my day off and see where we go. That’ll be another six hours down the pit…..

We had an understanding that if this wasn’t the problem they would take the car in and refit my other one again FOC, which is damn fair of them. I was glad to give the Discovery back that they lent me though, it used fuel like the space shuttle taking off into a stiff headwind with dragging brakes.


Washing machine playing up. Stripped it down and found that one impeller on the waste pump had failed and there was a load of soapy gunge in the pipes. Ordered another one from ESpares at 21:00 for next day delivery. £39.00 delivered next day. This is the waste pump below. Its supposed to have an impeller on the centre boss but it has completely disintegrated and fallen apart. This was stopping the waste water from being pumped out of the drum and was the probable cause of the clothes not rinsing properly.

The pump sits down in the bottom left hand corner of the machine where the six inch hole is.


New part arrived at 09:00. That’s service for you. Fitted it when I got home and stripped out the dispenser dish assembly and all the pipes, descaled everything in sight. Got some citric acid powder in an open cut… may have blasphemed a bit……

Started stripping the car down.


Day off. Yeah right…. down the pit for another session. it took six hours to change this last time, let’s see if I can better it…..

Got the old unit off in around two and a half hours. pulled it off the intercooler unit and theres the problem, the valve in the centre of the EGR should be closed when it’s stationary. This one is open, no wonder it was running so rough. Must have failed either when it was made or as soon as it was installed. At least that was difinitely the problem and had to come off again. Fitted the new better quality one from Keigh Gott, it was £30 more but it’s the one they fit. Car all back together on Friday all bar a couple of clips. I will need to get some from Halfords in the morngin as the ones on the Landrover are really just single use ones and need a special tool to fit them properly.

Bottom left picture is the EGR valve removed, you can clearly see that there is a gap around the valve as it is not sitting on its seat, so it’s not sealing. This will allow exhaust gases straight back though into the throttle body unchecked. This will cause confusion and befuddlement to the ECM unit.

The new unti is on the right. Attached to the intercooler unit. Mmmmmm, shiny…….


Well this is damn odd, everything connected, nothing left off and the car will not start….. bled it, bled it again, (didn’t need this the last time, fired straight up…). Very confused. What have I done different?

Took a while but…… the Camshaft positioning sensor should sit exactly 7.5mm from the cam housing body (you set it with a 7.5mm drill).  I didn’t do this last time as I could see where the adjustiung screw was sitting, this time though I thought I would do it bang on by the book. This moved it further out by around 2mm. I moved it back again to where it had been and vrooom, started right up.

No idea…… obviously 7.5mm in Birmingham is not the same as 7.5mm in Hampshire.

Cleared down the residual fault codes and when for a drive…. lovely! All sorted! Just need to take the old one back to Eurocar parts and get my money back and then get the car booked in to Gotts to have the ECU reprogrammed for the new EGR. It should not need it but they recoommended it and I want it right.


Went out to Winchester with Cris and Andrea, had a bun and a brew. Got some crochet wool so Lorraine at work can knit me a bow tie. Bought a scale model of the Tardis to do.

Watched the Moto GP when I got in, refettled the  minimoto bike that Cris bought up last week. Not running quite right. Cleaned out carb again and fuel cock. Fitted new starter cord as the other one snappped. Sorted. Ying, ding, ding, ding!

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