Week 17 April 2020

Well its been a funny couple of weeks. Total lock down and not leaving the house for a couple of weeks. Both been a bit unwell, Debs much worse than me but we’re over it now and getting back to work. Debs from home for the time being and me alternating between the ‘office’ and working from home. Still seems really weird being able to dial into work from a laptop whilst sitting in my own office at home or outside in the garden. Feel like i’m down with the cool kids!

Been back out of the bike again and have started racking up some miles. Its all going quite well. I’ll put a link up to my Strava account in the menus I think…. show the progress.

First couple of rides went really well, the third one no so much as the electronic gear shifting on the bike suddenly decided that it wasn’t going to paly any more and left me stuck in 17 out of 22 gears for teh ten mile hilly section home. That was a bit of a struggle but made it all the way (albiet slowly) right up until I got to the really steep bit half a mile from home outside Whitchurch station. Had to get off and puhs it for 30 yards as I was in danger of stalling and toppling over.

Got the bike home, left it gfor 30 minutes and then it seemed to have cured itself. Not falling for that gag, i’m going to check overy electrical connection and switch. Unfortunately this means taking th ebottom press fit beaaring apart… or so I thought. Got it out after buying a special tool only to find it was in a blind housing so no help there. Must be a removable panel somewhere probably under the battery which houses the connector block. These things click in and have a bit of a habit of cominf adrift. Had to send it back to the shop once to get it fixed. I’ve ordered a new bearing, handlbar tape and some gel pads to go under the tape to protect my hands a bit as they tend to get numb. The tape is worn out so it needs replacing anyway.

Should get it all back together in about an hour assuming the bits turn up OK, then i’ll head on out again see if it does it again. I’ll pick the same route as its very hilly and quite rough in places.

Send my plane blades and some chisels over the Pauls to get them trued up before I put the bevels on them. Expect them back soon.

Finally got round to sending my yearly  catch up email to my old director Geoff in Suffolk so hope to hear back from him soon.

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