Week 17 2019


Bank Holiday. Went down to Winchester to collect some plumbing parts for the job in the annex. Went up to see my dad and sort out the house. Lunch with the family at Steph and Johns.


Back to work to a complete rickets of a situation. I leave them on their own for three days and its like Beirut on a particularly bad day in there.

Dropped car off at Keith Gotts in Alton to see if they can find the fault on the ECU. Collected a Discovery 3 as a loan car. Bit of a lump of a thing but has some nice points, fuel consumption not being one of them.


Finished the plubing next door and put the soil stack back. Bled the water pipes and checked for leaks (none, obviously)


Got a call from Keith Gott. they are having a spot of bother trying to figure out what’s up with the car. They say they think its the EGR valve…. which I replaced two weeks ago ‘cos I thought it was that as well.

They are going to warm up the head wizard who’s kept in reserve for these occassions that need Yoda like powers to find out what’s wrong.

My mate Chris phoned up and asked if I wanted to go a look at a Mercedes C320 he was thinking of buying. Might as well, that way I’ll know how much space I need to clear out in the garge for when it turns up. Surprisingly it was a very solid and sound car with almost no marks on it and only 48k miles. An absolute steal at £1700.


Went to work came home had a curry and did stuff.


Went to Farnham for a look round, was then going to go to dads but Debs remembered at the last moment that she had invited people round for dinner and she forgot to mention it. Had to head home via the DIY shop en route to pick up some paint, cutters and some othe essential decorating stuff. Cris and  Andrea coma round for dinner and Cris dropped off a mini moto bike he’d picked up for a tenner at an auction. So i’ve got a week or so of stripping, cleaning and sorting to see if I can get it to run.


Went up to dads and took him a roast dinner and a bun, both of which seemed to disappear quite quickly. Mowed the grass, sorted out a pile of papers and watched the F1 with dad. left around 16:00. Came home and workled on the bike again. Spoke to Lee who is going to come round a pick up the compressor at some point this week.

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