Week 16 2019

Decided to do a (hopefuly) weekly blog update rather than the sporadic random ones that have been appearing

So lots of motor racing this weekend we had in the car we had the Formula One from China and then the MotoGP from the Circuit of the Americas due to other commitments work, DIY, travelling, going out et cetera I didn’t manage to catch up on all these until about Wednesday.

Monday – generally fettling about round the house and then met up with a couple of chaps from work in Newbury in the evening. Had a fairly decent Chinese meal but paid for it at 3am with a crippling Migraine.

Tuesday – Went by train at London for my birthday which was nice. We walked from Waterloo all along the south bank into Bankside power station and then all the way along past the globe, over Tower Bridge via Borough market then turned left past the Tower and along the north embankment past Billingsgate and then up into Canon street. Stopped for a Pizza in Pizza Express outside St Pauls. My father in law (Terry) cleaned this twice in the 1960’s and 70′ I have posted a couple of videos of the cleaning on my YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbmqIe0gj-A

From there we went up Drury Lane and around Covent garden.  We had a good look around for a couple of hours and had an ice cream then back down Whilehall via Trafalgar Square and into Parliament Square where there’s a lot of hairy asrsed lesbians clinging to the railings protesting about polar bears so we then turned left over Westminster bridge and then left along the embankment again on the Southside and back to Waterloo station which is a round trip of around 12.5 miles.

Wednesday – went out and got a new mulching mower to try to keep the estate in some sort of order. https://www.stigalawnmowers.co.uk/products/lawnmowers/multiclip-50sxe-48cm-self-propelled-lawnmower.

Thursday – Spend most of the day building a birdhouse and getting furtwangling around in the garage. I rebuilt my trusty old compressor as I’ve swapped this for a nice FERM 100 MIG welder with my mate Lee.

Friday – Spent a couple of hours giving the Mini a good going over and overdue clean. Nore spurious jobs. Filled the ceiling in the porch.

Saturday – Did a lot of jobs around the house and the garage and then found we had a water leak next door in the annex. This was from a split pipe that was hidden behind some boxing. So had to strip the boxing off and then found that the pipe that feeds the cold water taps and shower had got a hole in it which appears to have been caused by some external corrosion. Very difficult to get out and took quite a while to remove the old pipe as the soil stack was in the way. Had to cut a section out of the stack and then put it hack together with two rubber flexijoints.  Repaired the pipe with speedfit plastic as there were too many solder joints in close proximity so couldn’t risk releasing these.

Also gave both bicycles a good clean and service so mine is now fit for duty again for the year. Stripped out the rear gear set and mech and washed and cleaned it. Put them back on and also fixed a puncture that wasn’t there the day before. All the tyres pumped up ready to go out and nail the tour again this year.

Paul and Lynne came round and we had homemade curry, very nice. Paul bought his Morgan round which he’d finally got back after a nine month rebuild at Morgans. So that was on the driveway for a while unfortunately by the time we finished it was dark so I couldn’t have a good look at it. Hopefully I’ll see a bit more this year. Also finish plastering the ceiling in the lobby by the front door as I had a small issue with rainwater came in so hopefully there wil lbe no more water ingress.

Also re-sealed the shower unit in the annex next door and make good I hairline crack in time we really thought this is where the water leak was coming from but it turns out not the case that these 2 jobs needed doing anyway In addition remove the trap for shower tray and place both rubber seal just in case these were causing the problem.

Sunday – I spent the day doing some jobs around the house and then went out on the bike for an hour which was great however it was the first ride of the year so my rear end is a bit sore.

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