Week 11 March 2020

This weekly blog post is not going well….. promised i’d put up a weekly missive full of derring-do and witty japes and since January, nothing, not a bean have I writ.

This week though we’ve done a few bits.

New car has developed an annoying fault (are there any other kind?) whereby it have no power until the throttle is pressed hard down then bang, off it goes. Not condusive to smooth motoring. Additionally the CD player is having a sporadic hissy fit. Sometimes it will play, sometimes it will not. MP3s are not playing at all. So, into LandRovers you must go. Booked into JLR Greenham for a session with a technician. Paul reckons its software, I say it’s the EGR valve. Bragging rights to the winner.

Spent some more time in the garage, tidied up a bit more and got all the tools back up from the house.

I had previously stripped and cleaned the big record No 23 vice I have on the bench and originally painted it matt black. Done a bit of research and decided that it needed to go back to the original (near enough anyway) Roundal blue colour. ALso ground off all the welding splatter marks that it had accumulated over the years.

Just need to wait for the paint to dry, put another coat on and then reassemble. Chuffin’ heavy this is, reckon around 30 kg. Just checked, it’s actually 44 kg!

We also had a visit from a couple of people that have just purchased the 23 acre field that butts up to our property. They are going to section it up into three large paddocks for horses. They asked where our property finished as there hasn’t been afence there for about 10 years so the border is a bit ‘fluid’. We sort of gestured out into the field in a non committal way…….

So in the interests of fairness and to make sure we get our stake in first, we started to clear out the furthest corner out by the road to find where the walling finished. Streched a line between that and the fence post behind the garage and ran a straight line beteeen the two. Seems fair to me. The only land registry documents who a thick a vriable crayon line down the side of the field. This is never the same on any two drawings and looks like it was done by a four year old. Precise it is not.

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