Wednesday 27th March 2019

First blog post for a while……

Well this is the new and hopefully improved website. I’m much more comfortable with this one as it’s actually doing something specific. Its going to be a showcase (if that’s the right word) of the various cars, bikes and vehicles i’ve owned. Different projects i’ve either done or been involved in and a repository for things like holidays and photographs so people can access this sort of thing in one place.

First order of the day was to decide on a template. i’ve chosen one called ‘Zerif’ whic has some nice features and for a free programme is fairly easy to use and customise. There is a full ‘pro’ version but as this is around £60 i’ll need some pursuading that its worth the extra investment. If I like this one and I think I can develop it further I may consider this.

About half of the ‘car’ pages are now reasonably complete and i’m gradually working my way through the rest of  them. Most of the text is done from memory so as I start to write things down, more thoughts and memories are coming back so as one thing is leading to another more text will be added or amended.

Quite enjoying this as it now has structure and purpose.

There’s a build section as well although this is more for me to see what i’ve done on a particular day so I can track progress and see how long this all takes to complete. I expect to update this almost daily as I start it up with full enthusiasm and then probably once a week as it naturally slows down a bit.

The early vehicles are a little hazy from memory and there is a distinct lack of photographs of the first ones as photograpphy back then involved film and a fair amount of expense. Later vehicles are obviously better served.

I’ve asked some of my mates from back in the day to have a rummage through the archives and to see if there is anything suitable to use.

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