Wednesday 16th December

Well it’s been a while…….

Quite a bit has happened since the last posting, the main point being that we lost Tel in September.

He’d lived with us in the annex at the Tollgate in Whitchurch for over 10 years and had helped us to renovate the last three houses we owned.

Had a good send off for him at Thatcham crematorium and all the family and work colleagues came down from all over the place to see him off.

Had the wake back at ours which we thought was fitting.

Had a look back the through many years of photographs and put a few up here that summed up the time he was with us and are in focus……….

First two are taken outside in the back garden a few years ago during a ‘bobble hat barbie’ and yes, it really is that dark behind them. No light pollution round here!

DSC02606 January 2006 056

This is Tel with his grandson, Sid. Which is short for er…. Sid…… This was taken at 45 Cayman Close Basingstoke. He’s grown a bit since then, about four feet at a guess as he’s now 15.


This one was at 7 King Johns Road in North Warnborough which we had gutted at were doing up before we moved in.

This is fastest way possible to blunt a good drill…….

January North Warnborough 032

After we had been there for a coupe of years and the final coat of paint was tough dry (I kid you not) Debs decided that we needed to move again. This is to Whitchurch in Hampshire.

We then all moved into the tollgate as it had an annex.

We’ve spent the last 10 years doing major building works to the whole house. This is Tel bricking up a doorway, sanding the parquet flooring in the front room, and putting in some fence posts in the front garden.

bedroom_august_2008_006bedroom_august_2008_005January 2006 008april_2007_007april_2007_005

Before retiring, Tel spent most of his working life scraping pigeon poo and old soot off the outside of the nations better buildings. The one I think he was most proud of was working on St Pauls Cathedral in the 1960s and again several years later.

There was a film done by the Chaplain in the 1960s when it was first done which i’ve put up on you tube. I sent a letter to the Dean of St Pauls to check that this was OK from a copyright point of view, he said he was sure it was but he would have a word with his boss just to check. I assume that his boss didn’t have an issue with it as the house has not yet been vaporised by a lighting bolt…….

….. so at the risk of eternal damnation here’s the link.

Revealing St Pauls.

We think that is Tels had in the video turning the water hoses on, no speaking part so we assume no Equity card!

Additionally we also think that the small ginger headed geezer in the film is Tel’s dad.

Tel was invited back to St Pauls to speak to the Dean a few years ago to discuss the  cleaning work that was done. I’ve asked if there was a recording of this and they are going to have a look to see if one was done. Fingers crossed.


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