Tuesday 28th June 2016

Lots of work done today. After feasting on a breakfast of berries, yoghurt and walnuts, went out and started in the workshop. Painted all the louvre doors again with a second coat all round. You have no idea how long this takes to do properly……… without drips hanging off the bottom of the slats you painted yesterday.

Listend to the radio as I was beavering away, you would have thought the world was ending….. Brexit all over the news, every left wing, commie and labour supporter clamouring for Corbyns head to be struck from his shoulders and in true democratic-listen-to-the-people style, fell on deaf ears.

Roy Hodgson on the other hand had the good manners to quit 0.3 nanoseconds after the end of the match.

Cleaned out all the filtration system on the ponds. What a lot of er…… muck I think is the best way to describe it. Ordered a pond vacuum system from Germany which will help to get the silt and er….. muck out of the filter chambers without a complete strip out again.

I will also fit some drainage taps to the bottom of the tanks to let out the worst of the mud from time to time.


Come back in after getting absolutely splattered with all the er….. muck, had a shower and then tea.

Spoke to my Dad on the phone, gave Call of Duty a decent battering and hopefully there’ll be an episode of Death in Paradise on the TV later.


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