Monday 21st November 2016

It’s been a while……

So what been happening? Probably quite a bit and if it wasn’t for this appalling memory some of it might even make it into print……

At work, another FM has decided he can’t stand the heat and has quit the kitchen. So thats another one i’ll have to train up……I think that’ll be number eight…..

Good news! I’ve treated myself to a nice pair of headphones, a set of Bowers and Wilkins P7 wireless…… Debs has said that my music sounds so much better…… now she can’t hear it…. Bowers & Wilkins P7

What else? Oh yes, completely drained and treated the central heating system. It was pushing hot water back into the header tank in the loft. I’m hopefull that this was just an airlock due to a buildup of crud which has now been moved on. One of the radiators in the annexe has got a sheared bleed screw so I will need to get this out before I can get water aroudn the system completely. This was broken off long before we moved in so there’s probably a load of stuff lirking at the bottom of that radiator. Will need to remove it and take it up the garage for a proper seeing to.


Went Swindon a few days ago and bought some new suits. These are very boring so here’s a photo of Deb have a cup of tea.


Then we went to Portsmouth at the weekend and did some more shopping… and food…..


Some freinds of ours in Turkey asked if we could send some toys over to them… so we did…


I then got dragged up the dolls house show in Birmingham…..20161001_145243

….and Debs smashed a window when a stone flew out the bottom of the lawnmower…..


(If anyone is curious, a six foot by three foot double glazed unit in toughened glass costs £160…… just in case you were thinking of rushing out and buying one).

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