Monday 12th December 2016

Today is the first day of my extended three week and two day Christmas break and frankly, I deserve it……! I’m not back in until the 2nd Jan next year! God knows what sort of mess the place will be in on my return… and if anyone has adjusted my chair or hidden my fountain pen there will be ructions!

So, what have I done today?

Caught up on some social media contacts, spoke to a few people i’ve not been in contact with for a while, gloated at them as they are all still at work…… ha, suckers! eat my shorts….

Got the christmas tree down from the loft, did a few house hold type thingies, paid a national insurance bill, updated three websites, listened to some tunes, did some banking, drunk a fair bit of coffee,  chased up an order for some bespoke dolls house lights that we ordered at Miniatura in Birmingham in October, (You know you’ve made it when even your dolls house gets bespoke fittings!).

Then I thought i’d finished for the day but no, I had to put 10 pictures back up on the walls for the boss.

Read some more of ‘Gaudy night’ by Dorothy L Sayers.

Tomorrow I may wash the car…..


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